Ryokan of Ohara, Kyoto SERYO

TEL.075-744-2301 FAX.075-744-2369  ●Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm  ●Address: Sanzen-in, Ohara, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City

<Access by bus>

For those coming by bus, please follow the red dotted line to get to SERYO.
Please be advised that this route is not accessible by car as the path is very narrow.

<Access by car>

1. Approximately 45 minutes from the (Meishin expressway) Kyoto higashi interchange
2. Northbound along Shirakawa street. Make a right at the Hanazonobashi intersection.
(30 minutes from the intersection)
3. Go straight along the road for about 10 minutes and you will enter the Ohara area.
4. You will see a Family Mart convenience store on your left hand side, follow the road to the right.
5. Make two more rights and you will see the stairs of Sanzen-in temple. Our ryokan is to the left of the temple entrance.
6. Please be advised that the route along the red dotted line from the bus terminal is not accessible by car as the path is very narrow.

<Access by public transit >

1. Take the Kyoto bus bound for Ohara and get off at the last stop"Ohara"
(Total travel time: 90 minutes. 3 buses per hour)
2. Take the subway Karasuma line bound for "Kokusai Kaikan" station.
Get off at "Kokusai Kaikan" Stn. and take a taxi (Approx. 15 mins.)
(Total travel time: 45 mins / the quickest route)
10 minutes on foot to Sanzen-in temple from Ohara bus terminal
(The Ohara bus terminal is located two doors down from the Tourist information center)