Japanese paper : Motoshiro

The store itself is quite spacious and has an assortment of small souvenirs and gifts displayed in aisles and on the walls. In the back, there is a selection of hand-made "Washi" (Japanese paper) with carefully chosen trim to decorate the edges. Just beside the store, there is a small workshop where you can try your own hand at making Japanese Washi yourself. The process is quite simple and doesn't take up too much time. Once you're finished, you have your own original piece which you can take home right away. They wrap it up in a nice little package for you and its lots of fun! Even big time Hollywood star Robin Williams had dropped by this little shop to get his hands-on experience making Washi. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Address : 400-3 Raikoin-cho Ohara, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-City / Tel No. : +81-75-744-3388

First Stop! Indigo Dye : Kōbō Ai no Yakata

"Ai-zome" (Indigo dye), an old traditional technique from ancient Japan, is the process of fermentation of natural lye which is known as "Japanese Indigo Dye" or "Japan blue". Unlike fabrics that are manufactured with chemical dyes, the authentic indigo dyed fabric does not fade in the wash. In fact, the more you wash the fabric, the indigo dye will soak deeper into the threads which make it tougher and long lasting. Not only that, indigo textiles are affective for repelling unwanted bugs, so it's great for children. The popularization of Japan Blue continues to spread across the country.

Address : 276 Onagase-cho Ohara, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City / Tel No. : +81-75-744-2404

Ohara sanso / Pottery : Raku-Yaki & Ashiyu

"Raku-yaki" (Easy pottery) is a great hands-on experience and one of the most popular activities with school kids visiting on field trips. There are over 30 different ready-made pottery pieces you can choose from and you can paint and design it with your own creative ideas. The glazing and baking process is all handled by the staff. It takes roughly 10 minutes to bake in the kiln, and you can take it home on the spot. It makes a great souvenir, and a wonderful memory of your trip you can cherish forever. 
Enjoy a nice relaxing foot bath and a refreshing drink in the café while waiting for your pieces to bake.

Address : 17 Kusao-cho Ohara, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City / Tel No. : +81-75-744-2227