Melt away your travel fatigue in the natural hot springs of Ohara surrounded by the naturesque tranquility of the county mountains.

Women's open air bath
open air bath

Women's open air bath

open air bath

Men's open air bath

Men's open air bath
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After bath lounge

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open air bath / Indoor bath ●4:00PM〜11:00PM ●6:00AM〜9:00AM

< Quality of springs >

Natural Hot springs (Minimal amount of Alkali)

< The power of Hot springs >

Good for neuralgia, muscle pains, arthritis and other joint pain, shoulder pains, motor paralysis, stiff joints, bruising,
sprains, chronic indigestion, hemorrhoids, circulation, rehabilitation and fatigue.
*Fresh bath water is continuously circulating.

The hot springs of Ohara are dug up in the north eastern valleys of Kyoto. 1175 meters in depth pushing out an impressive 120 liters per minute at 27.9 °C.
The hot springs are rich in Natrium ions and Hydrogen carbonate ions which are effective for beautiful and healthy skin.
The downcast waters contain radon measurements of 25 (x10 – 10 Curies/ kg).
Nearly skimming the standard level of radioactivity in water which is 30 (x10 – 10 Curies/ kg).
This kind of hot spring is rare to find in the Kansai region.
The clear and colorless waters, abundant in healthy elements are mild on the skin
and great for relaxing and rejuvenation after surgery or sickness, breaking a bone and external wounds.
This mineral hot springs will make you feel refreshed and leave you with soft, smooth skin.
Also, the ph level is at a minimal 8.7.
Along with that and other effective substances such as Natrium and mineral ions, feel beautiful in your freshly pampered skin.
You can expect the best of this rare hot springs effective for sensitive skin and treatment dug up from 1175 meters below in the hilly grounds of Kyoto.

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